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        Welcome! Scroll down to see more news

        Tilt Festival 2017

        When: Monday 17 – Sunday 23 July Where: various venues Resident Digbethites RoguePlay Theatre are bringing back their Tilt Festival this July. See more information below, or visit the Tilt Festival website here.

        Award-winning Sara Preisler

        Earlier this year, the eponymous founder of the Sara Preisler Gallery at the Custard Factory was named ‘Contemporary Jewellery Designer Of The Year’ by the 2017 Luxury Goods Awards. The Luxury Goods Awards have...

        The Cornetto Trilogy at The Mockingbird

        When: Sunday 23 July, 12:00–20:00 Where: The Mockingbird Cinema & Kitchen, The Custard Factory, Digbeth, B9 4AA Tickets: from £12 (available online here) The Mockingbird are showing Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and...


        BetterPoints, in partnership with Birmingham Connected, have created #BrumBreathes, a programme designed to give people an incentive to choose more sustainable forms of transport. When you move around the city from Digbeth, you can...

        Harry Potter Marathon

        When: Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 August Where: Mockingbird Cinema and Kitchen, Custard Factory, Digbeth, B9 4AA Tickets: available online here Needing a Harry Potter fix? The Mockingbird are devoting a whole weekend to...

        Saving Bartholomew Row

        I was sent this link over two years ago by Simon Linford, one of the team behind the hugely successful redevelopment of The Woodman. Saving Bartholomew Row was to be their next project, to...

        Cheese Fest Birmingham

        When: Saturday 18th November, 10:00-18:00 Where: Custard Factory, Digbeth, B9 4AA Tickets: from £3 (available online here) This November, Cheese Fest UK comes to Birmingham for the first time, setting up shop in the...

        Peep Show Quiz

        When: Wednesday 5 July, 19:00-23:30 Where: The Old Crown, High Street Deritend, Digbeth, B12 0LD Tickets: £4 (available online here) The local pub quiz has become a British institution, much like the cult 90s...

        Birmingham Irish Heritage Group – July 2017

        When: Wednesday 5 July, 19:15 Where: The Connaught Bar (upstairs), Irish Centre Birmingham, High Street, Digbeth, B12 0NL Tickets: £3.50 (non-members) This Wednesday, the Birmingham Irish Heritage Group invite you to a presentation from...

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